Our Better Angels

Post date: Nov 06, 2020 3:47:50 PM

Dear MRC Family and Friends,

I look forward to welcoming you to worship at 10:30 AM in the sanctuary, on Zoom, or on our YouTube channel this Sunday with your church family. We have very special music planned for our worship. Our anthem is “The Prayer” with Mayumi Grasso on cello; our Sermon-Prayer-Song is “Panis Angelicus” also with Mayumi Grasso on cello; and our Postlude is “Christ Beside Me” with Mayumi Grasso on cello and Judith Daugherty on organ. I will be preaching from Joshua 24.1-3a, 14-25 and my sermon title is "A Zealous God." In addition, we will be welcoming a new member to our church family! If you would like to come to worship in person, please respond to me via email, text, or phone letting me know you’d like to attend. In order to observe social distancing, seating is limited to about 20-22 worshipers. I need your response no later than TODAY BY 9 PM so that we can prepare seating arrangements.

MRC, I am aware that we are anxious as we wait for the results of our Presidential election. As we wait, may we have a spirit of calm and let us practice kindness, especially on social media. I invite us to remember that if we post something that is mean-spirited about Democrats, there are those in our congregation we profess to love who are Democrats. And similarly, if we share something that is mean-spirited about Republicans, there are those in our congregation we profess to love who are Republicans. As people who follow Jesus, I encourage us to be an example of Christ’s love by shining his light of love to everyone, most importantly, the ones with whom we worship on Sunday and do ministry throughout the week. Beloved, let us call on “the better angels of our nature” in this uncertain time. And pray — pray for our nation.

In gratitude for the privilege of being your pastor and the holy call of loving you,

Pastor Trish