God is Faithful and True

Post date: Mar 19, 2022 1:34:26 PM

Dear Middletown Reformed Church Family and Friends,

Lenten blessings to you!

I hope you enjoyed the lovely spring-like day we had in New Jersey on Friday! And it seems we have another one today. I didn’t write to you yesterday because I was at the Bayshore Lunch Program, then preparing for Sunday worship, then running errands for Sunday, and finally when all was done, I thought it too beautiful to be inside at my computer and wanted instead to bask in the warmth of God’s beautiful day. Today is the last day of winter, and tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox. So, I thought I would share this liturgy about the soon-coming new life of spring, and that God is faithful and true, no matter the uncertainty and lack of peace that may swirl about us in our world. Because light will always push back the darkness.

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease (Genesis 8.22).

The trees of the wood await spring’s re-clothing; 

the branches will be green again.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

The sun will rise higher in our skies;

its light will be warm upon our faces once more.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

The days will grow longer;

light will push back the darkness.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

Seeds will germinate and grow;

the flowers will bud and bloom.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

The ears of the wheat will form and ripen;

the grass will grow to feed the cattle.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

Swallows will return and fill the skies;

birds will fill the land with song.

This we affirm: God is faithful and true.

- Simon Taylor

I look forward to being with you in person or on FaceBook live this Third Sunday in Lent at 10:30 AM as we affirm that God is faithful and true. The Joyful Noise Adult Choir will sing our anthem “Credo.” I will preach from Isaiah 55.1-9 and Luke 13.1-9 and my sermon title is Welcome to God’s Feast. And the Word with the Children will feature grapevines and a little fig tree calling out to their Farmer. Please make sure you stop by and linger at our Lenten table to take in the Meditation and Practices for the Week as we seek God’s beauty through Van Gogh’s artwork.

Yes, beloved one, new life is coming and God is faithful and true. Hold onto that hope. Hold onto that promise. 

In gratitude for the privilege of being your pastor and the holy call of loving you,

Pastor Trish