Would Someone Turn on the Air-Conditioning? -- Why, yes!

posted Sep 16, 2022, 8:24 AM by Tricia Sheffield

Dear Middletown Reformed Church Family and Friends,

Grace and peace to you in this season of Ordinary Time!

It has been a dream of mine for seven years and for several of you a lot longer. So, I’ll just come out and say it — and I hope you are sitting down while reading this — we are getting air-conditioning installed in the sanctuary! And not just air-conditioning but the units will also include heating capability should our boiler fail. Thanks be to God, and Amen! The Consistory on Monday night enthusiastically and unanimously approved such a project. The installation date is tentatively scheduled for October 4-5, pending permits and zoning approval. 

Since we have a theological welcoming statement, shouldn’t that also include our building, like we did with our accessibility ramp and new steps? If you have been in worship this summer, you will know how terribly uncomfortable it’s been for us. With climate change, we realize it’s not going to happen all the time, but such warmer summers will be more frequent. Some of our people with breathing and heart issues have been finding it difficult to be in worship. It has become a health and safety issue. In addition to Sunday worship, having air-conditioning will enable us to have weddings, funerals, and baptisms during the summer in a more comfortable environment. And if you were at the baptism of little David Bull in August on the 100 degree day, you will understand what I mean. Beloved, the Consistory and I view installing air-conditioning as legacy giving -- first, for we who are worshiping now, and second, for those who will come after us. In the years I have been with you, I have consistently reminded us that whatever we do is not just for the now, but for the future.

You may be wondering, how are we able to pay for this project? As I have always believed in being transparent with you here are the details: The total cost for the installation is $26,280. In order to have the air conditioning installed now, before prices go up, we will be using $10,000 from the 24 for 24 campaign/capital improvements fund. The balance will be “borrowed” from the remaining funds left to us by our beloved Lt. Dennis Zilinski, II. We have used these funds with care, only used as matching funds for money raised by the congregation. It remains our objective to return the money to the Zilinski account as quickly as possible. That said, the Consistory and I encourage and graciously ask that if you would like to donate to the AC fund so we may replenish our Zilinski account, we would be very grateful. I will be sending out a hard copy of this letter with a donor card. If you wish to give, please send your check with AC Fund in the memo line to Middletown Reformed Church 121 Kings Highway, Middletown, NJ 07748, Attention: Treasurers. 

I pray you will come in joy and with thanksgiving to worship this Rally Sunday in person or on Facebook live when we celebrate the start of our fall programming and we will bless our children and teachers for the new school year. The New Jericho Choir will sing “This is the Day” and will ring their Krystal Bells. The Joyful Noise Adult Choir is back and will be singing “How Great is Our God” for our Anthem. I will be preaching from Isaiah 45.13-21 and Acts 11.1-18 and my sermon title is God’s New Thing.

My goodness, beloved. I am always in awe of your and God’s faithfulness to our church, and this is just another moment when I say with a grateful heart Glory to God, great things God has done — and will continue to do by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit at work within us.

In gratitude for the joy of being your pastor and the holy call of loving you,

Pastor Trish