Worship Link for November 28

posted Nov 29, 2021, 7:22 AM by Tricia Sheffield
Dear MRC Family and Friends

Here is the link to our First Sunday in Advent worship: https://youtu.be/UzisBlTRmNY

Additionally, I wanted you to have the words to our Advent candle lighting written by our young ones, Emma and Olivia Hertzog --

Hope is something you wish for.

Hopes can be good or bad, but in this time of year hope is good.

We are waiting for baby Jesus to be born.

We can feel hopeful because you are very excited for baby Jesus to come!

We can feel excited, nervous, hopeful, impatient, calm.

We can be patient.

Impatient means you are restless and really excited but when you have trust in God, you are patient and hopeful.

Impatient means that you are very, very excited for something to happen and the thing that people can be excited about is baby Jesus being born! 

The Lord bless you and keep you,

Pastor Trish