The Most Holiest of Weeks

posted Apr 12, 2019, 9:38 AM by Tricia Sheffield

Blessings of God’s holy love to you!

We are a few days away from beginning Holy Week. Judy, I, and the Worship Committee have planned what we hope will be a meaningful time of worship as we journey with Jesus through his final days. As I’ve been preparing for Holy Week - creating bulletins, writing liturgy and sermons — I am keenly aware of how full this time of year is for those who are called to ministry. Deep down, something is whispering to me this ought not to be so. 

Recently, it was mentioned to me how busy our culture is, especially here in the Tri-State metropolitan area. It seems the more busy we are, the more importantly we are regarded. I have been sitting with this observation for a few weeks now, wondering how we can do the work of ministry to which we are called, and also create a space where we are quietly resting in the presence of God. I think if ever there was a time to slow down and think on God’s grace for us — Peace, be still! — it is Holy Week.

My hope for us as a congregation for the next week is just that. Slow. Down. 

Take time to pray, go for a walk, sit in a park, meditate. Carve out the space in your schedule to observe the beauty of spring singing out the song of new life. Did you know there are Scripture readings for every day during this most holiest of times? You can find them here. Read, and listen for a word from God. Let us resist the temptation to hurry and scurry, thinking that “doing” is more important than “being.” Instead, I invite you to approach this very well-known story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in a manner that encourages seeing God with a fresh and joyful perspective. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will not only see the holy power of resurrection around us; we will feel it too.

Come this Palm Sunday at 10:30 AM in as we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on his courageous way to the cross. And come early to witness the children parading with the Potter donkey. The Joyful Noise Adult Choir will be singing the anthem “Hosanna in the Streets” with featured musicians Sarah Gordon, Alan Rubenfeld, Eli Thorpe, and Jacie Thorpe. I will be preaching from Zechariah 9.9-10 and John 12.9-15 and my sermon title is Blessed is the One. After worship, we will have a light lunch in the Education Building, sponsored by the Dorcas Circle.

And now, beloved of God, receive this prayer as we walk with Jesus into Jerusalem: Now, O Lord, calm me into a quietness that heals and listens, and molds my longings and passions, my wounds and wonderings into a more holy and human shape. - Ted Loder

May God bless your journey of — Peace, be still — this Holy Week. I will be praying a joy-filled calm for you.

In gratitude for the joy of being your Pastor and the holy call of loving you,

Pastor Trish